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Sorry! My journal is now... [01 Oct 2009|09:23pm]

Comment to be added OR add me and I'll add ya back :-)

((this entry always shows up on top))
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[07 Nov 2003|03:23pm]
Oh yeah. I'm also cleaning out my friends list..People will get removed for the following reasons 1. I dont know you 2. I dont know you and you never comment 3. I dont really give a shit what you have to say. Anyway..To keep from sounding like a complete asshole if you get removed and you still want to be on simply comment and I'll add you back.
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Let me tell you about Jerry Maguire... [27 Sep 2003|09:23pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

You are with the king of the living room! and I am...drunk.
*looks into goldfish bowl*
we meet again

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Hear me RoAr [26 Sep 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Mm. I'm sick.
My throat hurts lyke a bitch n I cant breathe :-/

I got my mail from Ross today though! Thanks Ross!

well, I'm gunna go back to bed but first...

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[23 Sep 2003|09:45pm]
I just got back from hanging out with my sister and now I'm bored so I decided to take some quizes...

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Who Will You Marry? by Sari
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<td bgcolor="#000000">Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Favorite Color</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your fate</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Sent back to Earth to correct mistakes </td></tr>
The Afterlife, V1.0 by silentounce
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Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
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You're "Thomas the Alien". You like
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Nothing really happened today.
Typical school
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[21 Sep 2003|01:50am]
Scanning shit is so much fun! hah.

....Pictures!...Collapse )
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[20 Sep 2003|11:38pm]
To everybody that wished me a happy birthday..Thank you!
(I didn't feel like making different replies for all of them so I'll do the lazy thing)

I got a scanner though. It kicks ass! I'm about to go on a scanning adventure
*mission impossible music plays*
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[20 Sep 2003|03:13pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

It's my birthday! heh

We finally got our power back on too! It wasn't supposed to come back on until late sunday/early monday but the workers were like "We gotta get it back on today for Jessica's birthday" so everybody that got your power back on today: bow down and worship me..syke.

Anyway,I got a check in the mail for 50 dollas from my grandma. W00t! Nothing like birthday cash.


Now I have to babysit tonight :-/


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Hurricane! [18 Sep 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Damn. It looks like hell outside. Hurricane Isabelle is on her way and it's going to hit really hard tonight..It's like hailing and shit.It's the crazyest thing I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, It looks like all hell has broken loose. I'm scared mommy *hides in a corner*

I have a lot of homework tonight :-/ Maybe we wont have school tomorrow..I can only hope!

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[18 Sep 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I still can't sleep..It's been a couple days now but who's actually counting? I finally got ahold of Aprell and I talked to her for like 2 hours..I'm going to call her more frequently from now on.We talked about what shes going to do once she has the baby and her ultrasound (she's having a boy!) and what she's going to name him. She is thinking about the name Logan. It's going to be a lot of work raising a kid but I think she can do it.Plus, she has her family and friends to support her too. I also talked to Sam and KT and they got me presents for my birthday at the mall today and they are going to send them to me. That makes me severely happy! I love you guys! Well, I should probably go take my shower then try to sleep :-/ I really hope I can..I definately don't want to be all dead at school tomorrow.

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speechless [17 Sep 2003|06:12pm]
[ mood | confused ]

AH! Drama everywhere! No matter where you hide it will always find you. It's the price you pay for having human interactions..But with that all said I'd rather deal with all the drama then have nobody at all.I'm scared to death I'll never find true love but I have my friends and that's more than I could ever ask for. I regret a lot of things but most of all I regret everytime I put myself before anybody else.

sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day

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pictures! [16 Sep 2003|08:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yeah, Just thought I'd post some pics...

Yeah. I took those in the morning when I didnt have time to do my hair or anything..Disregard that though. How do you like my labret? heh
Also, My birthdays in 4 days! I'm getting old!

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sorry cow [14 Sep 2003|10:03pm]

go apologize to the cows.Now!. Thank you.

Anyway..I told Ashleigh today that I never want to talk to her again. She Lied to me over a bunch of stuff and basically changes her views on things every 5 seconds just to fit in..AND LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING..If I didn't already mention that..Here are our conversations from earlier..Basically she's extremely ignorant. you'll probably understand after reading these..

FLYERSfan5285 (4:32:15 PM): can you hear me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:34:43 PM): you lied to me
FLYERSfan5285 (4:34:48 PM): bout what
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:34:54 PM): um
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:35:03 PM): you called me and said never to talk to jim or dave again because they hate me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:35:06 PM): and they never said that
FLYERSfan5285 (4:35:19 PM): not from what people told me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:35:25 PM): um whatever
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:35:32 PM): who told you that
FLYERSfan5285 (4:35:42 PM): this kid dan fenillie
FLYERSfan5285 (4:35:52 PM): i'v know my whole life
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:36:16 PM): riight
FLYERSfan5285 (4:36:35 PM): i belive him i'v know for my whole life
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:36:49 PM): maybe about you but not me
FLYERSfan5285 (4:37:13 PM): yournot allowed to talk to them
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:37:21 PM): why am I not allowed to talk to them?
FLYERSfan5285 (4:37:33 PM): because i said so and there my people
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:37:52 PM): They hate you ashleigh
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:37:58 PM): how the hell are they your people
FLYERSfan5285 (4:38:04 PM): not talking to them
FLYERSfan5285 (4:38:14 PM): my dad does'nt want u talking to them
FLYERSfan5285 (4:38:22 PM): and am gone have my dad talk to your mom
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:38:31 PM): stop being immature and ignorant
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:38:44 PM): grow up
FLYERSfan5285 (4:38:45 PM): no there trouble u gone arrested
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:38:52 PM): stop making up lies
FLYERSfan5285 (4:39:07 PM): am not lieing u fucking cunt
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:39:19 PM): so now you're calling me a cunt?
FLYERSfan5285 (4:39:24 PM): no u trust me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:39:28 PM): well, since I'm a cunt you don't need me as a friend
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:39:30 PM): grow up
FLYERSfan5285 (4:39:36 PM): i want u as a friend
FLYERSfan5285 (4:39:42 PM): trust me there trouble
FLYERSfan5285 (4:39:47 PM): am sorry
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:40:07 PM): you're just saying that. They aren't trouble.
FLYERSfan5285 (4:40:13 PM): trust me jesse i am not trying to have u get in trouble
FLYERSfan5285 (4:40:20 PM): no u don't know them i like know them
FLYERSfan5285 (4:40:28 PM): there trouble
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:40:32 PM): whatever
FLYERSfan5285 (4:40:37 PM): trust me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:40:48 PM): No you lie to everybody
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:40:58 PM): Stop trying to talk to me i dont want to hear it
FLYERSfan5285 (4:40:59 PM): trust me u can ask my dad
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:41:08 PM): your dad knows what you know
FLYERSfan5285 (4:41:18 PM): no he seen josh get arrested
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:41:37 PM): everybody makes mistakes
FLYERSfan5285 (4:41:46 PM): no stay away
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:41:53 PM): like I said grow up and stop trying to talk to me because I dont give a fuck what you have to say anymore
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:41:56 PM): you lie about everything
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:42:05 PM): bye ashleigh
FLYERSfan5285 (4:42:39 PM): your a bitch
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:42:48 PM): I wasnt the one that lied to you
FLYERSfan5285 (4:43:15 PM): your gone get arressted am am gone tell u told u so
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:43:39 PM): BYE ASHLEIGH
FLYERSfan5285 (4:43:49 PM): your gone take there side over me
FLYERSfan5285 (4:43:55 PM): your a good friend
FLYERSfan5285 (4:44:11 PM): no i told u what someone told me
FLYERSfan5285 (4:44:18 PM): i did lie
FLYERSfan5285 (4:44:22 PM): did'nt*
FLYERSfan5285 (4:45:05 PM): fine i not getting u smokes anymore
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:45:16 PM): alright
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:45:17 PM): bye
FLYERSfan5285 (4:45:22 PM): i want to be your friend
FLYERSfan5285 signed off at 4:47:53 PM.

then she got on another sn..

afipunk5285420 (4:49:44 PM): your being such a rude person
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:49:54 PM): how am I being rude?
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:50:10 PM): I told you exactly how I felt that's not rude it's the truth
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:50:12 PM): you need to grow up
afipunk5285420 (4:50:20 PM): i know i need some help
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:50:40 PM): I was there for you until you lied to me then now your telling me I cant talk to jim or dave..wtf is up with that
afipunk5285420 (4:50:53 PM): becaus ethey don't like me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:51:00 PM): so that means I can't talk to them?
afipunk5285420 (4:51:14 PM): i don't want u to get in trouble
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:53:01 PM): right..they don't do anything bad so how the fuck could I get introuble with them..
afipunk5285420 (4:53:03 PM): my said there trouble
afipunk5285420 (4:53:06 PM): dad*
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:53:11 PM): whatever
afipunk5285420 (4:53:26 PM): my dad gone talk to your mom i think
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:53:44 PM): i dont want to talk to you anymore
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:53:52 PM): you are so unbelievably immature..what grade are we in? Kindergarden?
afipunk5285420 (4:53:57 PM): am gone get him to
afipunk5285420 (4:54:20 PM): no am not the druggie no
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:55:06 PM): wtf i didn't even mention drugs
afipunk5285420 (4:55:27 PM): am not immature am the one whos in college
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:55:36 PM): that doesn't mean you're mature
afipunk5285420 (4:55:41 PM): am really am
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:55:46 PM): you act like your fucking 9
afipunk5285420 (4:56:03 PM): i can really be seriouse at times
afipunk5285420 (4:56:17 PM): am being really seriouse right now
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:56:17 PM): i dont want to talk to you right now
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:56:29 PM): you are just pissing me off by talking to me
LithiuMBarbEd011 (4:56:29 PM): bye
afipunk5285420 (5:04:58 PM): o what i talked to my real friends
afipunk5285420 signed off at 5:07:21 PM.

blahblahblahblahblah. Ashleigh, grow the fuck up.

I feel like crap. My mom gave me her cold..again. Time to go to sleep. Night <3
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[04 Sep 2003|12:05am]
[ mood | busy ]

well, school has been alright. It's going to be a better year than last year hopefully..and hopefully I'll also meet more people. I've mostly just been hanging out with L the last couple days. Hes so much fun to hangout with..I dunno..he still likes me but I think for now at least Id rather just be his friend..I don't want to ruin that..especially since he's my neighbor.

I also need to get my digital camera fixed..L picked it up today and was like let me take a picture of you then it wouldnt turn on so I dunno..I'm gunna take it to the shop sometime this week or next.

well, I need to go finish my summer reading now..because I suck and didnt find out what the book was till today :-/ A lesson before dying- Ernest J Gaines.. Anybody read it??

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I do it for the drugs [01 Sep 2003|08:42pm]
I'm screwed..I start school tomorrow and I completely dont understand what's going on..or what classes im taking because I havent set up my schedule yet..bleh. I'm such an over achiever.

I'm also in another one of those moods where I just want to dissapear. Everythings going downhill..I just feel so unwanted lately..like I dont matter I'm just here..taking up space.probably because its true..but whatever fuck it I dont care anymore..I say that too much..
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I need somebody who's smart, ambitious and not addicted to meth.. [26 Aug 2003|12:05pm]
oh! I'm at Crystals and everybody's at school..that's sad. I was supposed to leave on monday to go to my grandmas in Mt. Vernon but I talked my mom into letting me stay longer because we were having so much fun. Anyway..here's an overview of my weekend..

Friday-showed up at sams house-went to staufs-kelly showed up so went to vics- went to hounddogs-went to vics again-picked up some random hippie people and played elevator tag- kelly dropped me and sam off at robins

saturday-spent the night at sams with crystal, sam and Erica

sunday-hung out with crystal and sam - KT, Jesse, and dani came over to sams then we met up with crystals little bro (I'm gunna marry him man) then we called Jamie had him pick us up so we could get some weed-spent the night at Sams again.

Monday- Sam and I went by my old school village acadamy and I was completely blazed so it was really fuckin scary and it sucked because i couldnt really see anybody because they made me leave due to "you need a visitor pass" what the fuck..but anyway after that Crystal, Sam, and I went to KTs and that was fun and yeahness..

yeah that's pretty much it..
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[21 Aug 2003|04:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

My LiveJournal Sitcom
pretend_crack! (ABC, 2:30): pretend_crack (Anna Paquin) tries to seduce jci345 (Jon Lovitz) at a party. That night, undecisiveone (Parker Posey) finds a yearbook in testarossa (Sarah Michelle Gellar)'s sock drawer. The week after, xxbathoryxx (Jack Lemmon) buys vixenxstar (Seth Green) a terrapin. Nearby, oldskoolgeeker (Kevin Spacey) cleans bloodsoakedash (Martin Sheen)'s apartment and ruins the DVD player. That same day, rationallove (Eric McCormack) buys babicharmz (Debbe Dunning)'s old cookie. Craziness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

oo!! I seduce Josh..muaahaha. Watch out josh..I'm commin for ya! *winks*

and another one..because I'm bored..hehe
My LiveJournal Sitcom
Taking Care Of doctor (ABC, 2:30): pretend_crack (Anna Paquin) gets hi_k_bye (Ed Asner) drunk. Afterwards, g3k (Rupert Everett) falls off blind_ivy420 (Gilbert Gottfried)'s porch and gets hurt. In the next town over, em0tionalstains (John Wayne) causes problems at work when a file from never_really_me (Billy Zane) has a virus. Also, xdysfuncti0nx (River Phoenix) paints gimmeindierock (Pauly Shore)'s baby photo orange. Nearby, joysndahood (Michael Jordan) wipes what_the_fuck (Minnie Pearl)'s laptop. Wacky results follow.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
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[13 Aug 2003|09:48am]
[ mood | aww ]

My aunt emailed me pictures of the twins today :-) They finally let them go home and they are doing fine now. Anyway..here's the link to the pics.


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[12 Aug 2003|11:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Tonight was fun. Hung out with L Rosie and Jen for awhile went to the movies then hung out at wawa and it was crazy how many people were there..it was like a party for real. Met this kid Brian and he gave me his number so we're gunna chill sometime. Its fun knowing all these people that are 21 ;-) Anyway, He was outside dancin infront of the store. I swear he can dance like whoa..but anyway this old guy pulled up and was like u got a spotlight now then said sumthin like fuckin wanksta..it was soo funny..o god..Then L was riding around on a bike doing all this crazy drunk shit and randomly to brian was like "ill throw u in the fuckin bush" I just started laughing..the expression on his face was so adorable I guess you just had to be there or somethin...fun times.. Tomorrow I'm gunna meet Tina at the Gallery in Philly and we're gunna hang out for a little bit. I'm lookin forward to it I haven't seen her since school let out and she's such a sweetheart. Im still deciding whether or not I want to go back to Ohio next week. I just need to get away from a lot of shit for my own sanity. I don't know. Im still confused about a lot of shit..especially John. I don't know..I should just put it aside and get on with my life but for some reason I find myself still hopin he'll call.. damn..I think too much :-/

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[11 Aug 2003|12:11pm]
[ mood | hangover like a bitch ]

I like Kari's Journal..a lot. And I'm queer. Shhh.

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] cant"">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

I like Kari's Journal..a lot. And I'm queer. Shhh.

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/C/craCKerjaCKer/1050433345_entificant.GIF" border="0" alt=""if i cant""><br>"if i cant"
<br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/craCKerjaCKer/quizzes/which%205o%20cent%20SONG%20are%20you%3F/"> <font size="-1">which 5o cent SONG are you?</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>

<lj-cut text="..just a little survey...">

Name: Jessica
Birth date: September 20, 1986
Birthplace: Columbus Oh
Current Location: Philly
Eye Color: bloo
Hair Color: brownish blonde
Height: 5'1
Righty or Lefty: bothy
Zodiac Sign: virgo

Your heritage: German
The shoes you wore today: I just woke up man
Your weakness: love
Your fears: spending life a lone
Your perfect pizza: I don't like much on my pizza..just cheese.
Goal you'd like to achieve: I dont know man..

Your most overused phrase on AIM: oo!
Your thoughts first waking up: Goddamn, not another hangover.
Your best physical feature: hmmm..my ass and tits??
Your bedtime: sleep?! only when I'm fucked up and pass out.
Your most missed memory: ..John...even tho he's an ass

Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald's or Burger King: mcdonalds
Single or group dates: single
Adidas or Nike: doom
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Ice Tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate and vanilla
Cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino

Smoke: yes
Cuss: too much.
Sing: Unfortunately for other people
Take a shower everyday: yes
Have a crush(es): ugh John...
Do you think you've been in love: yes
Want to go to college: No but it's something you have to do..blahblahblah..Unless I marry a rich guy.
Like(d) high school: It's alright.
Want to get married: Yes.
Believe in yourself: Sometimes..
Get motion sickness: No
Think you're attractive: I'm aight
Think you're a health freak: Hell no..whoever said weed can't solve all of lifes problems was disturbed.
Get along with your parent(s): Most of the time.
Like thunderstorms: yes
Play an instrument: I played the Oboe..Then I play little bit of Guitar

In the past month...
Drank alcohol: yes
Smoked: yes
Done a drug: yes
Had Sex: yes
Made Out: yes
Gone on a date: yes
Gone to a mall?: nope
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Nope
Eaten sushi: yes. yumm
Been on stage: no
Been dumped: :-( yes.. *cries*
Gone skating: nope
Made homemade cookies: Nope..I got those chewy chocolate chip ones from the store though :-)
Gone skinny dipping: Nope
Dyed your hair: No
Stolen anything: No

Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes
If so, was it mixed company: yes
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
Been caught "doing something": By other friends yes..by parents..no
Been called a tease: No
Gotten beaten up: Nope.
Shoplifted: yes ; /
Changed who you were to fit in: Nope

Age you hope to be married: Uh..??
Numbers and Names of Children: Uh.2. a boy and a girl. Haven't thought of names..something original though.
Describe your Dream Wedding: I am SOO going to get married in St. John.
How do you want to die: I don't know....quickly?
What do you want to be when you grow up: porn star? syke..uh. I've been leaning towards fashion design lately.but who knows. Im 16 I'm sure I'll be one of those people that keeps changing their major because they don't know what they want out of life..go me go me
What country would you most like to visit: Go back to Germany and see all my relatives that I've either never met or only met a couple times.

In a guy..
Best eye color? blue
Best hair color? blonde or brown..I dunno.
Short or long hair: doesn't matter..as long as he's not like bald.
height: tall
Best weight: Somewhere between medium and skinny
Best articles of clothing: when they arent wearing any. HA HA o..
Best first date location: out to dinner then a movie..or something random and exciting..that's always fun.
Best body shape: Not too many muscles..but not too skinny..
Muscles?: Look above.
What turns you off?: fake or cocky attitudes.
What turns you on?: sense of humor
Looks or personality?: personality
Lip shape?: ??
Smart or stupid?: smart
Nerd or jock?: Now now now..Lets not lable people..
Dream girl/guy: Daniel Johns..and 50 is hot. so is Nelly.

Number of drugs took illegally: I don't remember
Number of people I could trust with my life: 0
Number of CDs that I own: A LOT
Number of piercings: 4
Number of tattoos: I don't have any yet..But I want to get something really small on my ankle or my lower stomach or back
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: not many
Number of scars on my body: Too many
Number of things in my past that I regret: A lot of things..but life goes on.

Yeah. That took awhile. Time to go eat breakfast

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